How to Initiate Router IP Address Login Process?

Every networking device like routers, boosters, extenders and modems has their unique and different IP address. These addresses help the device to connect with the internet and some areused to reach device interface to adjust its settings.

Here, we will discuss about how to log in to the router interface through the IP. But, other routers can have other IP addresses like So, let’s start the login process straight away and complete it with the help of some simple steps.


Turn On WiFi Router

Link Computer and Go to Browser

Reach Login Page

Adjust WiFi Router Settings

Have Linksys WiFi router? In the case of Linksys, you just have can use IP address instead of to access the Linksys router login interface.

Now, let’s see reason why address not working sometimes and how to solve it with the help of the some tips. IP Address is not Accessible [Reasons and Solutions]

Yes, it happens occasionally that your router IP doesn’t work, when you search it on your computer. Here are possible reasons why the not working and solutions along with them.

1. IP is not Correct

One of the reasons of technical issues is searching the wrong IP address like 10.0..O.10 or 10.0.0,I0 in the web browser of your computer.


You must type in the correct router IP address that is in your web browser address bar to reach the interface login page.

2. Outdated Browser

If you are using an outdated web browser in your computer to log in to the router interface dashboard, then you will face troubles like above mentioned.


You must use the updated web browser to reach the router interface dashboard. To update, just open the browser and click on Settings tab> select About> click on Update button.

3. Not Receiving Internet

Incorrect insertion of the Ethernet cable in the router and modem ports to establish the connection between them can trouble you with IP address not working problem.


You have to make sure that the network cable is inserted to the router’s WAN port and modem’s LAN port. If not then pull out and connect it to correct ports.

4. Damaged Cable in Use

Ethernet cable and power cord are use to connect the router to the modem and supply power to the router. If these cables are damaged or cut from anywhere, then you will face various problems regarding connection.


You must check all the cables that are connected to the router and make sure that nothing is damaged. If you found any damaged cable, then replace it with the new one right away.

5. Using Incorrect Login Details

IP address interface not work by using the wrong user credentials like username and password to log in to the router interface.


You must double check that you have written the correct login credentials using the user manual of the router to access the interface dashboard.

Above you have learned how to the reach the router interface if its IP address is You have also read some reasons of defects that you can face in the path of the accessing the interface and solutions to solve them.

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