How to Log in Router via IP Address?

Presented below are the step-by-step instructions that should be read by you to access the wireless router using the IP address:

1. Go to the Address Bar

The process can be initiated if you take the mouse cursor to the URL FIELD or the address bar of your internet browser. Double-click on the field. Soon the cursor will start blinking rapidly. This is a sign that you should proceed to the following step.

2. Enter IP

In the URL field, fill in Ensure that the IP is not inserted with spaces like 192 168 1 3 or with the decimal at the wrong place. For instance, 192.1681.3. Once you have taken care of these points, press the ENTER key.

How to Log in Router via IP Address?

3. Input Admin Details

In a matter of minutes, you will come across the login window. You will find two fields located there. In the first, enter the username and in the second field, insert the admin login password. Usually the USERNAME is ADMIN and PASSWORD is PASSWORD. Hit LOGIN.

Why Can’t You Log in to Router IP?

Many users get stuck trying to access the IP address of the router. In case you are amongst them, it could be because of these reasons:

1. Incorrect IP Address

Are you certain that the IP which has been used by you is correct? If you are trying to do the LINKSYS ROUTER LOGIN process, then the address which should be put to use ought to be instead of IP address.

2. Cache-Filled Browser

A cache-filled web browser can slow down its speed thereby causing a variety of issues. Chances are that you are experiencing the issue at hand due to this reason. Another possibility could be that your browser is running on an outdated version.

3. Outdated Client Device

Every now and then, every device needs to get updated so that its user can get access to its enhanced performance. We are assuming the device which you are using is running on an outdated version. Perhaps, you ignored the update.

4. Devices Not Connected

Did you check whether your client device has internet access? If not, then this brings us to the third reason why you are experiencing the IP not working issue. To learn how it can be resolved with ease, read the next section.

Can’t Access How to Regain Access?

1. Use the Right IP Address

First of all, enter the right IP address in the URL bar of your internet browser. See to itthat it has no spaces. Also, if should match the IP address of the router you own. Avoid using the IP of a router belonging to another brand.

2. Clean the Web Browser

If you are using CHROME, click the SETTINGS menu, select the CLEAR CACHE > ALL TIME in order to make your internet browser clean from the cache. You can also make it free from browsing history to prevent yourself from facing more technical issues.

3. Update System Software

When was the last time the software of your client device was updated? Been too long? Well then, it is all the more reason to update it right now. For this, hit the WINDOWS key, click the SETTINGS menu, select UPDATES & SECURITY, and at last, hit REBOOT NOW.

4. Reconnect the Devices

A strong internet connection is the most important thing to access any website. Given this, ensure that your client device is connected to the network of your router. Ensure that if you have done this with a wire, then it is damage-free.

Nothing Worked? What Now?

You will be able to resolve the not working after reading the solutions given above. In case you cannot, then it is recommended that you power cycle the entire network. The same can be done if you reboot your router, modem, and the client device, i.e. the computer or laptop which you are using.

How to Change Admin Password via

To enhance the security of your router, you should change the admin login password by reading and implementing the steps given here:

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