Linksys Smart WiFi Setup via Smart Setup Wizard

A Linksys smart WiFirouter can be set up using the Linksys Smart setup wizard that is embedded to the firmware on the router. When the router is running on the default settings, you can use Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard to configure the router. This web page will help you carry out the setup process of the Linksys Smart WiFi routers.

Linksys Smart WiFi Setup via Smart Setup Wizard

How to Set up Router via Linksys Smart WiFi Setup Wizard?

Your router is now ready to serve you with seamless internet connection throughout the home. You should access the Linksys smart WiFi login page to log in and customize the settings of the router.

Troubleshooting Linksys Smart WiFi Setup Issues

You might come across certain issues while setting up the router via the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard. Let us help you eliminate the obstacle and carry out the setup process with ease.

Are you Still Stuck with Linksys Setup? Try This!

1. Reboot and Retry

Perform a simple reboot by unplugging the router from the wall outlet for some time. Also, do the same with the modem. After about 5 minutes, turn on the modem and then the router. Following the same sequence is suggested and give a gap of about 2 minutes in between each step that you perform. Connect your PC to the router’s network and go to the Linksys smart WiFi setup wizard to perform its setup.

2. Perform a Reset

If the router still can’t be set up, then press the Reset button located on it using a sharp and pointed object. Hold it for about 10 seconds. This resets your router to the default values. Now, try setting up the router from scratch.

After you have configured your router using the Linksys Smart WiFisetup wizard, go ahead and begin using its internet connection.

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